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Typhoid is a disease caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi. This disease is brought on due to consumption of contaminated food or water and is a severe diarrheal disease with accompanying symptoms such as high fever, pain in the lower abdomen and vomiting. It can be prevented, entirely with the help of the typhoid vaccine.
The typhoid vaccine can be taken orally or as an injection. Orally taken vaccine has live but weakened bacteria to evoke the immunological response. The injectable vaccine has the inactivated (killed) bacteria to develop the immunological response.
The oral capsules are not recommended for children. The injections are not taken before the child has completed 9 months. 1.The first dose is taken up at 9 months of age. 2.One booster shot is recommended at 15 months of age.
Who is given the Typhoid vaccine?
1.Infants living in developing countries at a risk for typhoid 2.Individuals travelling to high risk countries 3.Individuals in contact with a typhoid carrier
How it works
On taking up the typhoid vaccine orally or via an injection, an immunological response is evoked within the individual. This response fights off a potential typhoid infection the person may contract.
Common side effects
MMR vaccine has quite a few number of side effects: 1.Soreness at the site of injection 2.Headache 3.Rash 4.Dizziness 5.Nausea 6.Muscle pain
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