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The Rotavirus vaccines act as a shield against rotavirus infections. These infections are severe diarrheal ones that occur in young children. Children in developing countries are highly recommended to take it up.
The rotavirus vaccine is composed of 5 strains of inactivated rotaviruses. This vaccine is developed with the help of DNA technology and helps develop immunity in the individual against a potential rotavirus infection.
The dosage takes place in 3 stages: 1.The first dose at 2 months of age 2.The second dose between the months of 4 and 6 3.The last dose between the months of 8 and 12.
Who is given the Rotavirus vaccine?
All infants and children below the age of 5 are recommended to take up the rotavirus vaccine as this greatly lessens their risk of contracting rotavirus infections
How it works
The rotavirus vaccine contains live and weakened form of the virus. The vaccine works by evoking a immune response in the body against the rotavirus without actually causing the disease.
Common side effects
The rotavirus vaccine has quite a few number of side effects: 1.Crying and irritability 2.Mild fever 3.A runny nose and a sore throat 4.Wheezing and coughing
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