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Polio vaccine is given in order to prevent the polio disease. It is administered via injection (IPV) or orally (OPV). It is mandatory that all children are vaccinated against Polio.
IPV: It contains a wild strain of the polio virus that is inactivated. It is an injectable vaccine and is often given along with the DTP vaccine.
IPV dosage is administered to children in 4 stages: 1.A dose at 2 months 2.A dose at 4 months 3.A dose between 6-18 months 4.A dose between 4-6 years
Who is given the IPV vaccine?
1.Infants between the age 2-6 weeks and all unimmunized children up to the age of 18 are ideal candidates for the polio vaccine administration. 2.Adults should take up the polio vaccine if and when they travel to high risk countries.
How it works
The IPV vaccine helps produce antibodies in the blood stream and the OPV vaccine produces antibodies in the intestine. OPV is more effective and is currently being employed in eradicating polio in the world.
Common side effects
There can be mild side effects on being administered the TB injection. These are: 1.The BCG injection scar: A few weeks after the shot has been administered, a scar about 7mm wide will come up at the site of the TB injection. 2.High Fever on the night of the BCG vaccination. 3.An abscess at the injection site.
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