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HiB is a vaccine administered against Haemophilous influenzae type B, a bacteria that causes dangerous diseases. The vaccine is given up to shield against Meningitis (an infection of the layers covering the brain and spinal cord), Pneumonia (a lung infection) and Epiglottitis (an acute throat infection).
HiB is a conjugate vaccine and contains inactivated bacterial components which on being introduced to the body helps develop immunity against it.
The HiB dosage takes place in 3 doses: 1. First, when the infant is 2 months old. 2. Second, when the infant is 6 months old. 3. Third, booster shot between 15 - 18 months of age.
Who is given the HiB vaccine?
1.All children under the age of 5 are recommended to get vaccinated against Haemophilous influenzae type b. Ideally, at 2 months of age. 2.HiB affecting older children is quite an uncommon instance and adults already possess antibodies.
How it works
Once the vaccine is given up, the child develops antibodies to protect it against the the three diseases caused by the haemophilous influenzae.
Common side effects
The only side effect one can experience as a result of the HiB vaccine is soreness at the site of the injection. HiB vaccine is counted as one of the safest vaccines to administer.
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