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Hepatitis A
To prevent Hepatitis A, a serious liver disease, the HepA vaccine is taken up. The vaccine is mandatory and should be taken up by every child who has completed 1 year.
The vaccine contains live but weakened Hepatitis A virus due to which immunity is developed against the Hepatitis A, if ever contracted.
The dosage of HepA vaccine takes place in 2 stages: 1.First dose is administered on completion of a year. 2.Second dose is administered on completion of a year and a half.
Who is given the Hepatitis A vaccine?
1.All children who have completed 1 year 2.Travellers visiting HepA risk countries
How it works
The vaccine works by evoking an immunological response within the body against the HepA virus so as to prevent the contraction of the disease in the future.
Common side effects
The side effects to the HepA vaccine are: 1.Fever 2.Drowsiness 3.Loss of appetite 4.Irratability
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