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About us

Tinystep is a world of parents, where they connect, ask and share. They help each other in everyday parenting journey. Be it learning best ways to feed, finding a nanny or a pediatrician, finding the best neighbourhood school or just deciding the best diaper. Tinystep is Social Media 2.0. Social Networks help connect with existing friends, Tinystep helps parents make new friends online and then continue forever. In a single click, you can connect with 50 other moms whose kids had blue colored poop yesterday. Parents love us because we are supporting them nurture their biggest creation ­ LIFE . The much needed vertical social network around parenting is finally here. Connecting parents, necessities, building a support system not just in India but all over the world!


Suhail Abidi - Tinystep

Suhail Abidi

Akarsha Surendar - Tinystep

Akarsha Surendar

Naveen Bansal - Tinstep

Naveen Bansal

Ashish Ranjan - Tinystep

Ashish Ranjan

Shreya Bhatt Nooji - Tinystep

Shreya Bhatt Nooji

Anupama Tej - Tinystep

Anupama Tej

Jai Singh Sodha - Tinystep

Jai Singh Sodha

Prabhat Jha - Tinystep

Prabhat Jha

Joel John Koshy - Tinystep

Joel John Koshy

Meghna Kamal - Tinystep

Meghna Kamal

Vipin Singh - Tinystep

Vipin Singh

Ananya Chakraborty - Tinystep

Ananya Chakraborty

Megha Krishnamurthy - Tinystep

Megha Krishnamurthy

Anwesh Hosamane - Tinystep

Anwesh Hosamane J P

Rahul Mallapur - Tinystep

Rahul Mallapur

Krishnika Agarwal - Tinystep

Krishnika Agarwal

Umang Ganvir - Tinystep

Umang Ganvir

Dipak Bansal - Tinystep

Dipak Bansal

Mallika Priyakhullar - Tinystep

Mallika Priya Khullar

Prashant Maurice - Tinystep

Prashant Maurice

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