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Dr Madhuri Agarwal
6 years of experience in Dermatology and Cosmetology. Powered by Sebamed.
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Hello hairfall is known post delivery .It can start around 4-6 months post delivery and continue for sometime.Continue taking your Calcium and iron supllements as advised by your dr .In your daily diet include foods such as raw veggies in form of salads or juices,fruits ,sprouts and pulses and some almonds.Avoid processed foods as breads,bakery items,chinese foods and soft drinks.Incase it still persists and bothers you consult ypur dermatologist for further supllementation.
I suggest look at the pH of the products as baby skin is developing skin and needs extra care.Use products that are pH5.5 close to the baby skin pH.My personal recommendation to my new born patients are Sebamed range of baby products.
Hi newborns generally have fine baby hair on their body which with age sheds off and gradually they develop normal adult hair.Currently do not do anything as this is normal body process and will resolve as she grows older !
There is no proven study that shows olive oil makes skin fair so there is basis to it.Use coconut oil for skin hydration.Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen daily on regular basis to prevent skin darkening.
It sounds like a common skin problem called Pityriasis alba that happens due to dryness in children.It is nothing to worry about.Use a good moisturiser 3-4 times a day on the affected areas and apply a sunscreen when she is stepping out in sun.I recommend Sebamed range of products as they are pH balanced and suitable for children skin.
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