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Dr Shefali Trasi
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During pregnancy due to harmonal changes the skin tends to become more darker than what it is, usually after a period of 9 to 12 months the original tone of the skin should come back. However in some instances like melasma we need active treatment we can use depigmenting agents like Kojic acid or HQ containing creams.
First try to mouisturise the stretch mark area with oil and creams we can also use good stretch mark creams like Sebamed Anti Stretch Mark cream, Cicatrix cream, Hexilak cream etc. regularly, apart from that there are good lasers and radio frequency devices which help in collagen remodeling and decreasing the marks.
There is no need to massage with such flours as the baby hair sheds of on its own, some children have very senstitive skin they can develop irritation to such flours.
It will gradually go away as the baby grows old
There are few kids sunscreen whic you can use for the removal of tan.
Determine the cause for Hairfall by meeting a dermatologist accordingly one can start with hair supplements like biotin, growth factors, minoxidil, finasteride etc. for good hari growth. In case of dandruff use shampoos containing ketocanozole, ZPT salucilic acid etc.
Usually neck becomes very dark due to harmonal fluctuation try to reduce weight after pregnancy and use depigmenting cream.
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