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Dr Akbar Ali
2 years experience
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kindly burp your baby well after each not let your baby lie down atleast for 15-20 min after each feed.follow exclusive bf to the baby.
It is too early to start Semi solid food to the baby. you can start semi solids at 5 months only if the baby is underweight speak to your doctor regarding this but kindly start Semi solid food only after 6 months
In some babies, the bacteria in the intestines react to the iron sulfate in a supplement or iron-fortified formula. The reaction turns the baby poop dark green, or sometimes even greenish-black. The poop will remain this colour as long as your baby is on the formula. There is no need to be concerned with the colour change, as it has no significance to your baby's digestive system
You can continue Vitamin D and iron syrup prescribed by the doctor
Pain during passing stool maybe a sign of hemorrhoids kindly consult your doctor to rule out hemorrhoids and cause of pain in the vagina
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