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Yours Truly Theatre
Yours Truly Theatre started in 2013 and is at the forefront of using Interactive & Improv Theatre for change in India. Nandini Rao along with Ranji David started the group in 2013. Nandini Rao has been the active Artistic Director since January 2013 leading the team of 100+ members. Ranji David has taken a break from Yours Truly Theatre from January 2013 to pursue his personal aspirations. YTT team wishes him success and all the best with his pursuits. YTT team consists of Artistic Director (Nandini Rao), 7 Mentors/External Faculties and a 9-member Advisory Board along with 100 YTT members. Sumit Acharya and Vishal Bhandary, who joined YTT in 2005 and 2009 respectively, have been actively contributing to the YTT Journey We operate out of YT Space, a completely self-owned and self run studio, an intimate performance space based in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Training: Yours Truly Theatre conducts the following courses throughout the calendar year. - Basic Theatre and Acting workshop (3 weekends, 6 sessions) Call Vivek at 9740500100 for more details Our Mantra: Creativity is part of our DNA and is a true mirror of our work.
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