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I am a professional CHILD photographer based in Bangalore and photographing kids is and will always be my passion. I quit a flourishing, finance job at an MNC to pursue a latent passion for what they say, is an art - Photography. What began as a hobby is now my full time profession. Playing with my two kids is my favorite past time. Watching them grow day by day, wondering about their expressions every moment and laughing endlessly on their cute acts is a special and wonderful experience. I wish I could put life on pause and stay there forever...these precious moments are not meant to be lost. I am sure you as parents do feel so. I feel lucky and obliged that my profession helps me to capture those beautiful moments forever in a beautiful way. My Mission I want my images to touch your heart and create a timeless portrait that shows your child�s individuality in an honest and comforting way. I want my pictures to warm your soul in difficult times; to help you capture the wonderful moments that we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering. My Style Of Photography My approach towards photographing children is very unperturbed, casual, un-posed, original and candid. I believe that the best portraits are made when children are left being themselves. My style is simple, honest and full of fun, celebrating life, love and family. In each session, I try to capture something that is truly unique and natural. I am extremely patient and try to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to let their true spirit shine through. Sessions are truly about you, your child and your family. It�s also about creating images you will treasure for all time. My desire to be a part of people and my huge friends circle has given me the title of a very approachable and friendly person. Being multi linguist gives me an advantage to communicate with my clients on a personal level which makes them more comfortable in front of my camera and lights Your view on my work is always welcome and appreciated because that helps me grow as a person and also understand your perspective Please sign in the guestbook to leave your comments. Your comments are valuable to me. Thank you for visiting my site! Visually yours, Prasad
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