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The Bumble Bee Studio
Hello, and welcome to a sunny space called The Bumble Bee Studio. We’re a group of people who are passionate about children and their learning experience through fun and play. We believe that children need the space to play, explore, interact, socialize and absorb at their own pace in an environment that excites them. What is special about TBBS is that the space and the experience has been customized keeping your child in mind. Designed by experts, our facility and the age-appropriate toys and activities help develop cognitive, physical and social skills in children aged 6 years and under. We also stress on the importance of social bonds and encourage children to make new friends. This is what makes TBBS an exclusive social club of sorts – a familiar space for learning, fun and friends. What you can expect during a typical TBBS day is a lot of interactive learning, personal attention to each child, vibrant new ways of engaging their minds, and an open, friendly and safe environment that brings out their best. From personalized theme parties and engaging classes, right down to interactive games, we have a variety of ways to keep your little one buzzing. Because we believe that parent involvement is crucial in early childhood development, our programs encourage parental participation. So take a browse around and get to know TBBS, after which you can drop by and meet us in person for a tour of our facility.
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