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Sweet Petal Cakes
This is not 'About Us', it's about 'YOU' Yes, we make amazingly good looking, lip-smacking and finger-licking delicious celebration cakes that will make you go ‘WOW’. We use the best-in- class tools & techniques to ensure quality and excellence is uncompromised. Our extremely skillful, creative and dedicated team work selflessly round the clock to create stunning designs and bring them to life. But, most importantly, why do we do it? What drives and motivates us? – At the core of SPC lies the belief that “Everyone deserves to be loved”. We believe that we don’t create beautiful cakes but we create a multitude of beautiful emotions for you and your loved ones. What drives us towards excellence is in bringing out that big smile on your face, that look of surprise, those tears of joy and pleasure moved by the feeling of being loved, when the creation is unveiled. Our passion is to make that sweet connection and forge strong relationships by creating those special moments for you to cherish for life. We strive for those moments and take pride in doing that because we strongly believe “Everyone deserves to be loved”.
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