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Sprikles and Streamers
# 329, GF, Ferns City, Doddanakundi,
As parents we all long for building cherishable memories with our kids, that last a lifetime. Our lifestyle gives us less opportunity to be able to fully indulge but there are special occasions when we want to go all out and give our kids those few moments, that are ingrained in their memories for ever. One such occasion is their birthday. Kids, nowadays are very clear in their heads about the kind of birthday they wish to have, older children have character fixations whom they look upto and wish to emulate them at the first given opportunity, younger kids need burst of colors and activities to keep them engaged and active. Parents are under a lot of pressure to be able to live upto their kids expectations in terms of planning their special days, be it a festival, which they have been waiting for, or siblings birthday or for that matter just the start of the summer holidays! Sprinkles and Streamers is born out of the desire to plan for such events and to make them enjoyable and most importantly memorable for everybody involved, we intend to get in your shoes and interact with your kid about the things that are important for her/him and start building on those. We aim to help host stress free parties, so that parents can just relax, unwind and enjoy the special day with their child, get involved in the planned activities and build beautiful memories! We specialize in theme based parties and boast of being able to customize our food, decor and entertainment to go with the theme as well so that the kids feel the closest to the character/movie they adore and often imagine themselves as. The kids will leave entertained and most importantly would have utilized there time well by being able to indulge in some arts and crafts. Its our intention to take care of all the nitty gritties of the party starting from the invite to taking care of the leftover food (if any), we partner with charitable organizations and orphanages where we donate the food after getting them adequately packaged, we also use eco friendly products and use hand made decoration products created by NGO's across India (wherever suitable). So do consider us for your next event and we will provide for it in way that leaves you asking for more because we love what we do. For further details and queries you can reach out to me at or call me on 9886826789.
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