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Smart Kids creations pvt ltd
Mr. Kalpesh Patil - Director & founder of SKCIPL always wanted to do something for the Society and the future of children. He had a burning desire to help youngsters to imbibe an achievement oriented approach. He came across with a concept and he was impressed by the benefit it offered to children. He took up the challenge to spread the SKCIPL concept to every nook and corner of the Country. He spotted an excellent and hitherto unexplored educational system, known as Smart Kids Creation India Pvt. Ltd. (SKCIPL), which is fully committed and passionate about providing the best in learning & education. This has been demonstrated in our mission, vision & core values and is extended to our responsibility to the community and the environment. SKCIPL provides exemplary management to our SKC centres and ensure high quality of design and delivery in our teacher training programs. We conduct relevant, enriching and continuous education courses and always aspire to provide state of the art products and resources for every child. SKCIPL assures that all our students and their parents that we are dedicated in the delivery of services we provide and that we uphold all requirements to the highest standard determined.
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