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NaVaRaSa is a space to discuss, interact, create, learn, explore and apply the Arts as tools for Human Development, while enhancing our own Quality of Life. Music, Dance, Theatrics, Fine Arts, Yoga & Martial Arts, Visual Media, Culinary Arts, Linguistics and Earth Sciences are the NINE tools, or our NaVaRaSas. The benefits of mastering any of these vocations are obvious and are chosen as extra-curricular activities by most, and as professions by some. At NaVaRaSa, we aim to delve deeper into the various benefits, and highlight the specific life-skills and values developed, relevant in everyday life through discussion and activity-based forums. These forums will bring to focus interactions between experts, interested organisations and just about anybody willing to contribute positively and share their experiences keeping in mind the core value of human development. Further, these forums can also become a platform bringing together aspirants, exponents and opportunities. Our goal is to reach a much larger audience by building the organisational infrastructure towards developing this forum at an organisational, cultural, national and international level addressing the problems of individuals and the society at large. From developing/enhancing individual life-skills to face everyday life, to overcoming physical/psychological challenges, to societal empathy, we would like to explore the entire gamut that can ultimately benefit interested parties. We aim to bring out the best in each individual and teams, by designing experiential, experimental, and enjoyable activities.
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