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Natyalaya School of Dance and Music was founded and established by Mr. B. K. Dinakar, a creative artist and dancer, in the year 2001. Until his graduation from Mariappa College in Bangalore, he took part in various competitions at district & state level where he bagged various awards and trophies for his performance in free style dance. He had the opportunity to get trained under Mr. Vasanth Kumar, a great dancer of the 80 to90’s, where his dancing skills were polished and perfected to professional level and industry standards. In spite of being a good choreographer, he declined many offers from the Kannada Film Industry and set up his Dance School ‘Natyalaya’. This helped him to pursue his dream of teaching dance to many aspirants at a time when a proper platform was not available even for talented performers. Twenty years into dancing and teaching dance, Dinakar says that he never thought of commercializing either dance or Natyalaya. In his opinion, as a dance master, dance should be taught in a traditional way. It involves serious commitment between the teacher and the student. So, he says that he would welcome anyone who wants to learn dance and shows some talent. Whosoever comes to Natyalaya to learn would share the same platform. To nurture young talents and to establish a world class dance school was his dream. Natyalaya was his ‘dream come true’. With more than 12000 students and 250 instructors, Natyalaya has flourished over the last 10 years. Natyalaya offers to teach Western Dance, Salsa, Hip Hop, B-Boying, Popping N Locking,Belly, Contemporary and Indian style dance like Bharatanatyam and Kathak Folk, Apart from dance, Music – Classical Vocal, Key Board, Guitar & Drums, Art – Sketching & Painting – and Fitness classes including Yoga & Aerobics are taught at Natyalaya. Natyalaya creates an opportunity for the students to showcase their talent on stage twice a year. Budding artists are trained for TV reality shows, & Television industry. It had since established an identity of its own; educating art students, promoting budding artists and opening avenues for many art lovers and satiating the basic instincts of many art patrons.
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