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Narayana Health
Founded in 2000 by Dr. Devi Shetty, Narayana Health is one of India’s largest healthcare providers; featuring 23 hospitals, 7 heart centres and a network of primary care facilities, the group also operates an international hospital in the Cayman Islands. The Obstetrics (maternity) and Gynaecology departments at Narayana health units provide diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and counselling facilities for women. The services cover the entire scope of pregnancy; from clinics for fertility, IVF, and menopause to treatment for gynaecological infections, hormonal problems, and foetal assessments to finally support and active management of child birth. The hospitals host expert doctors and medical staff backed by modern delivery rooms and facilities to aid expectant mothers in having a safe and comfortable pregnancy. The Paediatric departments at Narayana Health units have extensive experience in several medical specialities such as cardiology, neurology, nephrology, and neonatology. Paediatric care and treatment at Narayana Health span from simple out-patient services to complex surgeries involving multidisciplinary teams. Also available are counselling and psychiatric services for children and adolescents.
Namrata lokesh ponia
Nov 2016
Hi Dr. From last 10 days m having servere pain in legs, in night it becomes unbarring , I am not able to sleep properly, pls help with some home remedies urgently
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