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Monkey Maze
Come to the best soft play and activity center for kids and adults in Bangalore ! Play Angry Birds Live with our 3ft Cataplut, Pigs, and Angry Bird Plush Toys ! Delight in Merry Meals at our exciting little cafe Tiny Treats hosting, for the first time in India, delicious sandwiches in the most exotic shapes ! Discover magic sand, silly putty, or paint your own terracotta jewellery or pottery to gift that special someone something you made ! Join our exciting Face Yoga, Terracotta Jewellery Workshop, learn Skating, Table Tennis or many more such activities Monkey Maze hosts about 6000 square feet of space to play, read, create, think, and have fun ! It's a chance for children and adults to discover themselves, and pick up skills and hobbies that may stay with them for life. With our interesting activities such as Terracotta Jewellery Workshop, Face Yoga, Skating, Dance, Aeromodelling and Pottery, you could or discover your own or your child's unexplored talents. Who knows - with our class in 'Magic', you may just find a budding Harry Potter. We offer workshops in the summer and on weekends, and you can call us at 8050008045 to register for a class or simply find out "Whats on this Weekend." At Monkey Maze, you and your child can develop your creativity, thinking and fitness. Perhaps more importantly, at Monkey Maze, you and your child will always find something interesting to do!
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