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Kara 4 Kids
With numerous other Preschools & Daycare Centres to choose from, permit us to give you some reasons, what differentiates Kara4Kids and why you should perhaps consider our Preschool for the next stage of your Child’s development ? Kara4Kids was set up after nearly three years research into the Best Practices adopted by the 3 Leading countries in this domain, namely the UK, US and Italy, then adapted to the unique Indian milieu and culture. Our first school was started nearly 10 years ago. Kara4Kids in their present form were started over 6 years ago, this being our 7th year ; well over a thousand kids have passed out from our Portals during this period. Incidentally, all our 3 Centres are company-run, that is no franchises, to enable us to be the “gold-standard” in this industry, which is our most important Vision-statement.
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