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ICPA Banglore
International Centre for Performing Arts Bangalore was started keeping in mind the art loving people of North Bangalore. There is a demand for good art and artists in Bangalore not only to perform but also to impart knowledge so that the younger generation can carry on the tradition. ICPA Bangalore was founded by Mrs Reshmi Nair Ghosh with the encouragement of artists and art lovers in and outside Bangalore. The first Kathakali class in Bangalore was inaugurated by the famous writer Sri Sudhakaran Ramanthali and Kalamandalam Hari R Nair. The teachers for Kathakali and Chenda was brought in from Kerala twice a month for bi-weekly classes till March 2013. From June 2013 ICPA Bangalore will have regular weekly classes by resident teachers in the Centre. We have many art festivals but very few dedicated teachers and trainers who are willing to devote time and patience to train. In this commercial world this important aspect is being overlooked by many artists. ICPA Bangalore will organise festivals and also classes for the eagar art loving students.
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