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Handwriting School of India
Handwriting School of India came into existence after Pradeep Kirani, the visionary founder of Graphology School of India found, after analyzing the handwriting of many Indians, the need to establish a school to help improve ordevelop their handwriting through Grapho-analytical techniques. Now with the help of Dilip Kirani, he intends to make handwriting and related learning fun and accessible to all. The schools vision is to be the No.1, one stop solution to all handwriting related matters, through scientific methodologies and techniques, worldwide. Our mission is to be a helping hand and a nurturing companion to everyone in need of our expertise and to provide the utmost quality in teaching, keeping in tune with new and innovative scientific advancements. Ever since its inception, we at HSI have strived to provide quality learning to all and sundry. Our top quality instructors and educators headed by the vision and mission of the school intend to carry on delivering the best education throughout.
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