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Fortis La Femme
Fortis La Femme is India’s leading women’s healthcare provider. At all stages of life - birth, adolescence, motherhood, menopause and beyond, women need specialised healthcare. Fortis La Femme believes that every woman is special and deserves the best care. At Fortis La Femme, women’s healthcare is more than just pregnancy and delivery, extending services to women of all ages, from birth to menopause and beyond. The Adolescent Clinics for PCOS and Obesity, Breast Clinic, and Menopause Clinics specialise in women’s health at different ages. Making your motherhood experience truly special, Fortis La Femme also extends Mamma Mia services like yoga, exercise and reflexology massages for prenatal and postnatal health. We believe that women’s health is a priority, from birth to menopause and beyond.
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