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Figurine Fitness
FIGURINE FITNESS with branches located at Indiranagar, Jayanagar, Koramangala, Brookefields & Kalyan Nagar has been in the Fitness / Health segment for the last two decades. Over these years we have trained over 3 lakh people from across the globe. It’s today a brand of repute, with immense popularity and identification as the "Number One" DANCE AEROBICS CENTRE in India. The aerobics classes we offer is a combination of Dance Aerobics with an infusion of STEPS, Pilates, Tae-boo, Kick Boxing & Power Yoga & the GYMNASIUM at all our facilities comes with world class equipments and personal trainers to ensure that due attention / care is taken through the work out regime. Santosh being a BSAA level athlete at school & naturally inclined to fitness, sports and dance. In the 80’s went on to being one of the two Indians, who cleared with deserved merit the exam for “The Australian Council For Physical Fitness” a degree recognized as one with the highest order in Physical Fitness. He also then went on to win State & National Level Jazz Dancing competition.
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