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Different Strokes Creative Learning Activity Centre
Different Strokes is an earnest initiative designed to enrich the lives of individuals. By bringing you the opportunity to experientially participate and learn various skills and arts to make one a more interesting person in society. At Different Strokes we aim to provide a platform for workshops, events and activities both indoor and outdoor for children and adults. To help you indulge in hobbies and pastimes that would enhance the quality of your personal and social life. Activities range from art & craft, hobbies, special interests, outdoor activities, self development programmes to learning specific social skills that bring out your individuality and make you a more rounded and socially interesting and interactive person. By creating interest groups for various activities we ensure that your hobby or pastime is kept alive through interaction with other members. To facilitate the joy of sharing, together improving and progressing at a hobby or special interest. To make that one life worth the while. Different Strokes has a panel of trainers, facilitators and teachers for various types of programs, events and activities. Kindly keep in touch and check out our programmes for time to time.
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