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Chilipili Childrenes Drama Troupe
G B Kote Ananth is a senior Theater person who is well known in the field of Literature – Poems, Small stories and Humorous articles and ofcourse mainly writing dramas. He is of the strong belief that Children Theater should be well nourished so that when the children grow up they make theater activities as a hobby. He is of the strong opinion that everyone should get training in the field of Acting/ backstage activity such as makeup, set & props Handling/ Costumes/ Publicity etc. so that the troupe need not have to depend on outsiders. Chili-pili started in 1993 with the aim of promoting children theater activities. Children Theater is the foundation of Amateur Theater. Theater is an University. It teaches the reality of life, boldness, memory, self confidence, sportive nature, national integration, physical strength and what not. Keeping all these in mind “Chili-Pili” has started conducting children theater workshops, summer camps at various places and new fully fledged Kannada dramas were staged successfully. Even in many schools children are trained and dramas are staged successfully. All most all the dramas are fully fledged plays with all the ingredients of a children drama such as costumes, makeup, set, props, lighting etc.. The production will be in a decent auditorium. Many of the children trained under our troupe are now into full time/part time director, actors, technicians, back stage workers etc.. A few are into small screen and big screen also as actors and directors. The Enthusiasm of young children both boys and girls is a healthy sign and the saying “The theater will not die” will become true.
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