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The art of event organizing took birth within us and grew steadily into a personal hobby. Our initial endeavours were special occasions for our near and dear ones along with diverse corporate events. The glorious response from the beneficiaries was the trigger that encourage us to fuel our passion on a wider horizon. Well yes, we are up & ready to deliver comprehensive , seamless and integrated service solutions in an efficient manner. Why us? Innovative ideas are the mantra behind every successful event. As a women oriented entrepreneurial company we aim to create the required platform for idea exchange. We offer a comprehensive package, we take the stress and workload off your shoulders. We ensure that your project runs smoothly, professionally and stays within your budget. We at Carnations4you pride ourselves on giving maximum value for money, researching options and working at all times to your exact budget and requirements. Right from the conceptualization of the event to managing it, from detailed operational planning to flawless execution, we can handle any type of parties, ceremonies, festivities, conferences or business meetings. So next time you need assistance to organize a party, you can rely on our professional services. Our vendor network and team coordination will guarantee that your event is a success. Let Carnations4you, take the driver’s seat for you, while you can sit back, relax & actually enjoy your Own Event. Scope of Work & Responsibilities: A critical aspect of our success in this business is our relationship-based approach, where we completely understand the needs of our clients from the big picture as well as detailed intricacies. Our events follow these strict guidelines and signature processes: Individual Consulting & Planning o We will be available from 9am – 9pm, 7 days a week. Consulting services are provided at no cost. Decoration and Set Up: o Our Event Managers will oversee the design, decoration and set up for your event. We will coordinate with set up staff prior to your event and the day of your event to make sure every detail is taken care of. Catering: o The Event Manager in charge will design a menu that perfectly complements the feel of your event and ensure that the catering service selected in able to meet the needs of the event. Music & Entertainment: o We will procure any and all music and entertainment. Break Down/Clean Up: o Carnations4you will ensure clean up staff is on time and has everything cleared from the venue by the time stated in the contract.
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