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Blue Max School Of Music Dance
Blue Max Academy Established in the year 10-4-1972 promoted many Artists in the Musical, Orchestra & Dance in to Professional field like Film Industry, Released many Cassettes & CDs etc., worked with many Top Music Director along with our trained students in the Film industry, conducted many Wedding Functions, Public Functions, Stage Shows, Charity Shows many School Day and College Day Functions. Many Event Organisations conducted many music and dance competitions along With blinds and improved many Blinds Dance Music Programmes etc., Blue Max Academy & Dance is the First Musical Troup Bangalore who Sponsored Conducted & Organised Our Great Singer Padmashree Shri. Yesudas Ji First Film Hits Stage Show at Lalbagh Glass House Musical Night in the year 1974 along with. Ms. Sujatha. Performed in many Public Programs, Clubs, Hotel Programs, Recording Studios & Composed Many songs, Tunes etc., performed many programs with Leading Singers in the Film industry. Blue Max Academy trained many Youngsters, Women & Children Community in this Field many of Our Trained students have started their Own Orchestras, Musical Groups in & around Bangalore & Karnataka they have learned Systematicaly confidently with Musical Western Notations in almost all the Indian Languges Developed fully Professional touch in Musical & Dancing Field Guitar, Mandolin, KeyBoard, Drums, Harmonium, Accordian, Violin, Dolak, Thabala, Congo Drums, Saxophone, Vocal etc.,
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