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Bhupathi Tennis Academy Pvt Ltd
The Tennis Village was born in September, 1995, in Bangalore, India, in the single-minded pursuit of a passion “to teach the game, and teach it right”. To shape young talent into mature champions. To encourage a spirit of winning and an acceptance of loss. To give one’s all to the game called tennis. It was a father’s dream that built the Tennis Village. CGK Bhupathi, ranked in his time, Junior No. 1 in the country, took his passion for the game a step further. To mould his son, Mahesh Bhupathi, into the champion he is today, CGK set up India’s first tennis academy in Chennai – the Tennis Clinic in the seventies. A 15-year exposure to tennis in Chennai and Dubai brought him back to India, with the reinforced zeal to train budding talent in his favourite game. He set up The Tennis Village in Bangalore, with the patronage of his real estate magnate and sports aficionado, Dayanand Pai. Nike, the world’s leading sportswear brand, stepped in to partner him. And the Nike-Bhupathi Tennis Village took wings.
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