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BSA Hercules
TI Cycles has introduced BSA Hercules exclusive stores, which have revolutionized the bicycle outlet in India. With over 200 stores, it is a one-stop premium shop for all bicycling and fitness requirements. The exclusive stores have a customer-friendly ambience and serves as a model for other bicycle outlets in the country. Known best for its flagship bicycle brands, BSA, Hercules and Montra, TI Cycles has practically created and perfected every new cycle category in the country. The first MTB, the first geared bike, the first Shox model, the first girls’ bike, the first kids’ bike, the first light roadster, the first carbon frame bike and India’ first cycling café were all introduced by TI Cycles. A wide range of bicycles for each age group is available from toddlers, young boys and girls to youth and even roadsters for bad road conditions. BSA as a brand offering consumers a wide range of bicycles, electric cycles, e-scooters, fitness equipments and infant mobility products. With its origins in UK, BSA is a 140 year old brand. The first Hercules bicycle in India rolled out in 1951. The name Hercules was chosen for its association with qualities like durability and robustness. Innovation in the form of products, coupled with reliability and style, has made Hercules one of the nation’s leading brands in India. TI Cycles of India has been awarded the ''Child most popular award 2013'' for kidscategory of bicycles by the director Child International magazine.
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