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Abhinava Dance Company
Born in 1994, 'Abhinavas' came into being with a passionate vision to make traditional Indian dance more accessible to audiences in India and across the world. Over many inspired years, 'Abhinava' evolved under the creative leadership of the renowned dancing couple, Nirupama and Rajendra and metamorphosed into Abhinava Dance Company. Rooted in the Indian dance tradition of Kathak and Bharathanatyam, Abhinava Dance Company is constantly exploring new creative ways of bringing out the essence of Indian dance. It has evolved its own distinct style of presentation by fusing ethnic and modern genres of dancing. Its musical compositions are a confluence of traditional Indian classical music with a wide range of global music that includes Jazz, Spanish and World Music. Each dance composition is carefully crafted with intricate detailing in synchronization, choreography patterns, thematic costumes and suitable light & stage effects.
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