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Tehri (Vegetable Rice)
Priyanka Saxena


(Serves 4)
Onion (3-4)
Garlic (5-6 cloves)
Green chilly (As your taste)
Tomatoes (1-2)
Ginger (as per your taste)
Potatoes (3-4)
Peas (optional)
Capsicum (optional)
Any other vegetable you like
Ghee (4-5 table spoons)
Garam masala (a pinch)
Salt (as per your taste)
Haldi (1 tablespoon)
Coriander powder (1 tablespoon)
Red chilli powder (1.5 tablespoon)
Rice (3 cups)

  1. Put rice in water for half to 1 hour for making the tehri quickly

  2. Now pour the ghee/oil in the utensil you want to make tehri.

  3. Heat the ghee on a medium flame.

  4. Meanwhile chop garlic cloves, onion, ginger, tomatoes, potatoes, green chilly into small pieces.

  5. Put the garlic cloves into the heated ghee. Stir it until it becomes light brown.

  6. Next, add the onions and stir them ocassionally until they become light pink. Add ginger, green chillies and stir them in as well.

  7. After this, add salt, haldi, coriander powder, red chiily powder and garam masala in the utensil and mix them.

  8. Now, add potato and peas.

  9. Add the rice to this.

  10. Mix them well but make sure the potato will not get meshed

  11. Now, add tomatoes and close the utensil.

  12. Wait till two whistles if your are using pressure cooker and 15-20 minutes otherwise.

  13. Wait for pressure to reduce.

  14. Tehri is ready. Serve it hot.

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