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Jisha Vinai


(Serves 4)
Milk - 2 ltrs
Sugar - 500 gm
Water - 2 cups

  1. Pour the milk in a pan and start heating.

  2. When the milk starts boiling, pour the lemon juice in it.

  3. Stir for 1 minute and keep it aside.

  4. Take a cloth and put it on a vessel.

  5. Pour the milk into the vessel through the cloth.

  6. The white coloured cream will remain in the cloth.

  7. Press the cloth to remove any liquid contents.

  8. Keep aside the cream for 30 minutes.

  9. After 30 minutes, put the cream in a vessel and knead it thoroughly to make it soft.

  10. When the cream has become soft, make small balls with them.

  11. Heat water in a pan and put the sugar.

  12. Close the pan and let it boil for 10 minutes. Don't caramalise the sugar.

  13. Put the balls inside the boiling sugar syrup and close the pan.

  14. Let it boil for 15 minutes.

  15. After 15 minutes, remove the pan from the stove and let it cool for sometime.

  16. Tasty rasagulas are ready.

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