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Posted on 25th March, 2017 at 12:00 pm
What kind of a dad is he?
Want to know what kind of dad your husband is? Take this simple quiz and find out which one of these 5 awesome kinds of dads is he!
You are in desperate need for a crib. What does your husband do?
He orders in a crib and sets it up himself.
He goes crib shopping with you!
He tries to help but gives all the wrong ideas.
He asks you to use the first born's crib instead of buying a new one.
He gives you his credit card.
What's he like at a party?
Calls the best caterer, party planner in town.
Cooks for his guests and entertains them.
Mircomanaging everything, making sure everything is perfect.
Comes up with creative themes and venues for the party.
Keeps everyone laughing.
Pick a Reality TV Show
Big Boss
Indian Idol
Fear Factor
Nach Baliye
Who is your favorite actor?
Shah Rukh Khan
Salman Khan
Aamir Khan
Hrithink Roshan
Akshay Kumar
What's your favorite musical instrument?
Quiz : What kind of a dad is he?
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