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Posted on 25th March, 2017 at 12:00 pm
Types Of Strollers And Which One Suits You The Best
Strollers are a necessity these days. Every time you’re going out with your baby, you end up carrying them. Of course your arms begin to ache if you have to carry your little one everywhere. It may seem like a brilliant exercise, but it will just give you mental satisfaction for a while. Strollers are really cool because all you got to do is, put your baby in it and seat them comfortably. That way even your baby will be able to enjoy taking a trip outside. So if you’re wondering which kind of stroller to buy, you should take this quiz to reveal the best one for your baby!
What do you enjoy doing?
Spending time outdoors like in the parks and other indoor spaces
Visiting family and friends
Why do you want to buy stroller for your baby?
Because I want my baby to be comfortable when he’s outdoors too
My baby doesn’t like sitting in strollers but still I need one to make him sit for a bit
We travel often and that’s why i need something uber comfy for my little one.
How often would you like travelling after having a baby?
During holidays (few times a year)
We are constantly on the run
Not much as everything is here in the same city
How do you plan to use the stroller?
Mostly for indoor use like, when we go out for shopping in malls and supermarkets
walking in the gardens and parks
Taking a walk on the road which is an uneven surface
Where will you keep the stroller?
In the closet
In the car’s trunk
It will just be in our house somewhere
Quiz : Types Of Strollers And Which One Suits You The Best
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