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Your baby looks like a
6 weeks | 1st Trimester
231 days left
Your baby is
1/8th of an inch
Ideal weight gain
0 - 100 grams
This Week
Your baby
At six weeks there is a lot going on with your little one. The limbs and digits are begininng to form and resemble little buds. Your baby is the size of a lentil and his eyes, nose and ears are beginning to form and are well marked. An interesting fact about your baby is that its heart beats 150 times a minute, twice the rate of an adult heart.
Your Body
Nausea and fatigue will take you over and mood swings will start to make their presence felt. Some expectant mothers even experience sleepness at this point in their pregnancy. The best thing to do is have a bunch of pregnancy books to read and music to listen to, to pass the time and not feel as though the world is ending.
Food & Nutrition
Your baby is developing at the speed of light and so should your diet include more and more nutritious food. Milk and other dairy are recommended.
What you should eat
Peas, Milk and Oatmeal
Rich in Iron
Rich in Calcium
Rich in Protein
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Reserve your evenings for walks or swims as you need the agility to avoid cramps and other bothersome symptoms of pregnancy.
Low Impact Aerobics
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