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Your baby looks like a
39 weeks | 3rd Trimester
0 days left
Your baby is
19 inches
Ideal weight gain
1.2 kg
This Week
Your baby
Your baby is the size of a watermelon this week, weighing 3.3 Kg. Your baby is probably due this week but don't sweat it if your baby isn't ready to come out just yet. More than 75% babies are born after their due date.
Your Body
Although, not before 15 days past your due date is your baby declared overdue, you could look at ways to induce labor. Having sex is one such way.
Food & Nutrition
Food that would induce labor includes Pineapples and garlic. Try your luck?
What you should eat
Pineapples, Garlic and Cheese
Rich in Vitamin C
Rich in Vitamin C and Calcium
Rich in Protein and Calcium
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Low Impact Aerobics
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