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Your baby looks like a
Swiss Chard
37 weeks | 3rd Trimester
14 days left
Your baby is
17 inches
Ideal weight gain
1 kg
This Week
Your baby
The coat of hair and the sticky secretion that enveloped your child is now shed and swallowed by the baby. On being born this is first bowel passed by the baby. Your baby in the 37th week is as long as a swiss chard and weighs in at 2.9Kg.
Your Body
You will visit the doctor this week to check if everything is in order and to estimate the date of dilvery. Your cervix needs to expand to 10 centimetres at the time of birth and this happens after rhytmic contractions.
Food & Nutrition
You're almost there so, dont give up on the last month. Green is the way. Veggies all the way and you will notice how much less fatigued you'll feel. Milk is an essential too.
What you should eat
Milk, Seafood and Cabbage
Rich in Calcium
Rich in Iron
Vitamin K.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Exercise is quite successful in inducing labor, anything from hiking up the stairs to brisk walking can result in labor!
Low Impact Aerobics
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