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Your baby looks like a
36 weeks | 3rd Trimester
21 days left
Your baby is
15 inches
Ideal weight gain
1 kg
This Week
Your baby
By the end of week 37 your pregnancy will have come a full term. Your baby's development is close to complete and he or she may be born any day now! The baby is as long as lettuce and weighs 2.6Kg. Your baby's bones aren't fused yet to facilitate a natural birth.
Your Body
You may encounter some discomfort and pelvic pain. This is because your large baby is weighing down on it.
Food & Nutrition
Prepare yourself for D Day by binging on iron rich food like lean meats and fish. You will lose blood so its good to have surplus iron in blood.
What you should eat
Chickpeas, Banana and Oranges
Rich in Protein
Rich in Fiber
Rich in Vitamin C
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Yoga is your best mate now so abide by it. You could go down for a swim too, it is absolutely safe.
Low Impact Aerobics
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