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Your baby looks like a
Big Honeydew melon
35 weeks | 3rd Trimester
28 days left
Your baby is
13 - 14 inches
Ideal weight gain
750 grams
This Week
Your baby
Your baby is at a place where he or she is too big to move in the 35th week. Your baby is the size of a big honeydew melon and weighs close to 2.4 Kg. Your baby's skull is still soft to make childbirth easier.
Your Body
You have gained 11 to 13 Kgs by now and its not likely to increase anymore until your due date. You may feel like a cow that is to say big and slow but remember, all of this is momentary and will pass.
Food & Nutrition
Yogurt should be a part of your diet. Vegetables and Fruits that you consume should be diverse and taken up everyday. This is to overcome nutrient dificiency that may crop up at this stage.
What you should eat
Cod Fish, Lean Meats and Cauliflower
Cod Fish
Rich in Iron
Lean Meats
Rich in Protein
Rich in Vitamin K.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
If you are cramping, you need to stretch a little bit every morning and keep hydrated.
Low impact Aerobics
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