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Your baby looks like a
33 weeks | 3rd Trimester
42 days left
Your baby is
12 inches
Ideal weight gain
550 grams
This Week
Your baby
You are 33 weeks pregnant and your baby resembles a pineapple! Your baby weighs 1.9 Kg. Your baby's immune system is fully developed this week! The baby's kicks or movements may seem sharper as the amniotic fluid has reached its maximum volume but the baby still continues to grow.
Your Body
Your hands and legs may be swelling up and this can restrict movement and comfort. Worrying will only make your insomnia worse so try to relax and distract yourself. If headaches accompany the swelling it is a cause for concern and should be reported to the doctor.
Food & Nutrition
Right before sleep, turn in for a glass of warm milk. This will help with the constipation . Drink loads of water for the swelling to come down. Don't eat too much during the night time as this may disturb your sleep.
What you should eat
Milk, Cod fish and Cabbage
Rich in Calcium
Cod fish
Rich in Iron
Vitamin K.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Stick to prenatal yoga and meditation this week. Do not tax yourself too much.
Water Aerobics
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