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Your baby looks like a
Large Jicama
32 weeks | 3rd Trimester
49 days left
Your baby is
11.5 inches
Ideal weight gain
550 grams
This Week
Your baby
Your little one in the 32nd week, weighs as much as a cabbage which is 1.7Kg. Your baby shifts to the head down, legs up postition this week to make for an ease in childbirth. If you are expecting a boy, his testes must have descended down to his scrotum this week. Your baby now has regular sleep and wake cycles in preparation for the world outside. Your baby's digestive system is ready!
Your Body
You gain 450 grams now, most of which goes to your child. Your body is prepping now for delivery. If you feel your uterus harden from time to time, that's just Braxton Hicks, a practice that your uterus takes up to help in birthing.
Food & Nutrition
Your appetite is working up a sweat so eat fruits. Bananas are the best fruits as they are filling and full of fiber. Fiber rich food will help alleviate your constipation.
What you should eat
Banana, Oranges and Prunes
Rich in Fiber
Rich in Vitamin C
Rich in Iron.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Get a prenatal massage this week. This will promote circulation as well as help you relax.
Yoga in Water
Low impact Aerobics
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