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Your baby looks like a
31 weeks | 3rd Trimester
56 days left
Your baby is
11 inches
Ideal weight gain
400 grams
This Week
Your baby
In your 31st week of pregnancy your baby is able to move his or her head from side to side. Your baby weighs as much as a coconut this week, 1.5 Kg. Your baby 's 5 senses are under development this week. Your baby's brain is developping at a rapid rate, neural connections are being made.
Your Body
Your uterus has expanded so much that it now touches your diaphragm. Breathing might be bothersome to try to take rest as often as possible. Your baby is tried for space so his or her movements are restricted to sucking the thumb and moving their head sideways and that's all you'll feel.
Food & Nutrition
Do not comprimise on water and never forget your supplements be it vitamin or iron ones, they all hold equally important.
What you should eat
Sweet Potato, Salmon and Low fat dairy
Sweet Potato
Rich in Vitamin A
Rich in Iron
Low fat dairy
Rich in Vitamin B12.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Go for long walks and make sure you tire yourself. Exercise proves to be beneficial good sleepwise. Keep the yoga going on!
Low impact Aerobics
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