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Your baby looks like a
30 weeks | 3rd Trimester
63 days left
Your baby is
10.75 inches
Ideal weight gain
300 grams
This Week
Your baby
You are 30 weeks pregnant, just 10 weeks away from holding your little bundle of joy in your hands. Your baby is the size of a banana this week and weighs 1.3 Kg. You baby is gaining weight massively this week. The baby's brain development is on the go this week, the grooves on the brain start to appear. The lungs and the digestive tract are almost perfectly development.
Your Body
You will steadily gain 430 grams each week as your baby grows and this is perfectly normal. Love it or hate it, you have just 3 more months to go. Heartburn, insomnia and constant peeing are back to haunt you. You will find yourself tired, constantly.
Food & Nutrition
Avoid spicy food, chocolate and fried food as they promote indigestion. Try eating small meals and chugging down tons of water to bring down the heartburn.
What you should eat
Chickpeas, Cheese and Lady's finger
Rich in Protein
Rich in Protein and Calcium
Lady's finger
Rich in Fiber.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Breathing exercises is something you should take on. These will help you relax and prepare you for labor as well.
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