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3 weeks | 1st Trimester
252 days left
This Week
Your baby
Some of the early signs of pregnancy as reported by women is breast tenderness, increased vaginal discharge, some nausea and tiredness.
Your body
This week you will be able to confirm your pregnancy. Your baby is a tiny ball of hundreds of cells multiplying rapidly. Now would be the right time to get yourself a good doctor that you can trust!
Food & Nutrition
Diet is perhaps, the most significant aspect of pregnancy and you ought to eat nutrious food. It is time you start considering folic acid supplements as it's deficiency causes neural tube defect in babies.
What you should eat
Spinach, Milk and Lean Meat
Rich in Calcium
Rich in Calcium
Lean Meat
Rich in iron.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Keep up with the exercise as it promotes circulation and will inevitably reduce aches and pains that freqeuntly occur during pregnancy.
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