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Your baby looks like a
Butternut Squash
29 weeks | 3rd Trimester
70 days left
Your baby is
10.5 inches
Ideal weight gain
275 grams
This Week
Your baby
In the 29th week of your pregnancy, your baby is the size of a butternut squash and weighs 1.2 Kg. His or her genitalia is under development. If your baby is a boy his testicles are descending into the scrotum this week. If your baby is a girl her clitoris is becoming more prominent.
Your Body
Your appetite will sky rocket this week, try to keep your hands off cakes and chocolate if you can. Your iron intake should be up to the mark as your baby is making red blood cells.
Food & Nutrition
Taking iron supplements may make you constipated so eat fibre rich food to keep your bowels in check. Try natural sources of iron such as pomegranate, kidney beans and leafy green veggies to steer clear of constipation all together.
What you should eat
Greek Yogurt, Prunes and Salmon
Greek Yogurt
Rich in Protein and Calcium
Rich in Vitamin K
Rich in Iron.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Try meditating to ease up on the stress. There is nothing quite as recharging as yoga in the morning so,embrace it. Walking in the open is good for you too, imbibe in the vitamin D you get from sunlight.
Yoga in Water
Low impact Aerobics
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