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Your baby looks like a
25 weeks | 2nd Trimester
98 days left
Your baby is
8.5 inches
Ideal weight gain
250 grams
This Week
Your baby
Your baby in the 25th week, your baby weighs as much as a pamalo which is about 660 grams. Your baby's nostrils are opening up this week and you baby is practicing breathing. Your baby should start to respond to touch this week too. The baby's skin is red now as blood starts to fill the capillaries under their skin.
Your Body
Your fears and worries might translate into nightmares. This is completely normal and should not bother you. It might be difficult for you to get comfortable in bed because of your bump so get into the habit of sleeping on your side.
Food & Nutrition
Make sure your hitting your fish intake every week, iron consumption is crucial for your child. Salmon should be your number one choice as it's mercury content is low.
What you should eat
Salmon, Lean Meats and Cauliflower
Rich in Iron
Lean Meats
Rich in Protein
Rich in Vitamin K.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Contrary to belief, even the later stages of pregnancy gives the green flag to physical exercise. Pilates is something you should try. It helps strengthen core muscles and helps posture. This will relieve you of any and all pain.
Low Impact Aerobics
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