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Your baby looks like a
Ear of Corn
24 weeks | 2nd Trimester
105 days left
Your baby is
8 inches
Ideal weight gain
250 grams
This Week
Your baby
When you are in your 24th week, your baby's taste buds are developping. Your baby is as big as a papaya and weighs 600 grams. If unfortunately, your little one is prematurely born he or she can sustain themselves.
Your Body
Your skin is stretching really quick and will get itchy. At this stage, red lines may come over your tummy, breasts and buttocks. These will fade to light silvery lines with time, these are called stretch marks. Rub on some cream with a shea butter base to help soothe your skin.
Food & Nutrition
Eat vitamin E enriched food for your skin and the baby's. Eating almonds, avocado and spinach is a step in the right direction. Obviously, you need to keep hydrated too to avoid too many stretch marks cropping up.
What you should eat
Almonds, Yogurt and Guava
Rich in Vitamin E
Rich in Calcium
Rich in Vitamin C.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
Vitamin D is pivotal to pregnancy and can be accomplished by basking in the sun, quite simply put. Plan out activities outdoors to imbibe in some Vitamin D. Walking or yoga in the open is just the thing to do.
Yoga in Water
Low impact Aerobics
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