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Your baby looks like a
21 weeks | 2nd Trimester
126 days left
Your baby is
6.5 inches
Ideal weight gain
200 grams
This Week
Your baby
You are 21 weeks pregnant and it's safe to say that you need to watch your words. Your little one can now hear! He or she is as big as a grapefruit now and weighs in at 360 grams. To bond with your baby sing to them, read alound or just talk. When your baby is out and about, these little things you did when they were in utero will help calm them down if they're on a crying spree. Your baby's nails now reach the fingertips and eyebrows are fully formed.
Your Body
Clumsy is now your middle name, mummy to be. Your center of gravity has relocated a tad bit now that your baby bump is here. Watch where you're going! A backache may be on the rise as a result of this. Wrap your swollen feet in a cold cloth to alleviate it.
Food & Nutrition
Drink water and eat fiber rich food to help ease the constipation problems that may arise. Vitamin A is one thing you cannot ignore as it is responsible for the baby's vision, skin, red blood cells and cell growth. Say hello to carrots, papayas and oranges this week.
What you should eat
Carrot, Oats and Cheese
Rich in Vitamin A
Rich in Fiber
Rich in Calcium.
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
You are not the only one who benefits from exercise, your baby does too! Try to do some sort of physical activity for at least 5 days a week. Your baby will love you for it.
Low Impact Aerobics
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