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Your baby looks like a
11 weeks | 1st Trimester
196 days left
Your baby is
1.5 inches
Ideal weight gain
100 - 200 grams
This Week
Your baby
At 11 weeks, your baby is formed completely and is now going to focus on getting bigger and stronger to sustain him or herself outside. Your baby at this stage is the size of a fig.
Your Body
You will have your first ultrasound at this stage and your baby's heartbeat will be first heard. You will also start to showa tad bit at this stage.
Food & Nutrition
Diet should be highly proteineceous as your baby needs a ton of it too. Take your vitamin supplements religiously and keep hydrated.
What you should eat
White Meat, Cheese and Spinach
White Meat
Rich in Protein
Rich in Calcium and Protein
Rich in Vitamin K
Fitness & Exercise
Fitness tips
An interesting activity to try this week would be yoga in water. The weightless you feel in water will help you hold poses longer leaving you stress free. Yoga helps with flexibility, extremely important during childbirth.
Low impact Aerobics
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